Where can I find the frame number?


Under the bottom bracket

What is your privacy policy?


On the website there is a detailed privacy statement. This policy is however only available in Dutch and you can find it here

How much does the bike weigh?


12kg bare weight, without accessories. The weight of the accessories is on the website.

Can you provide a child seat?


Yes we can, but is not standard and we would like to discuss a double stand and rear carrier.

How is delivery organized?


We strive for the bike to be ready within a week. You can collect the bike at our shop Luk de Fietsenmaker (Sarphatistraat 730, Amsterdam) 100% roadworthy, or have it delivered to you.

For delivery we ask a small fee (€ 10). The bike is then 95% assembled. We ask you to place the front wheel, saddle, handlebars, pedals and front rack (if ordered) yourself. We supply a triangle allen wrench (4/5/6mm) to help you. The parts can be installed easily, but you can also always call our technician. You can also decide to let a handy person help you do this by having your trusted bike shop do it (at your own expense).

Can the bike be returned?


We offer a free 14-day no-hassle returns policy because we believe the only way to really know if our bike is right for you, is to ride it. You can bring the bike to the shop or mail the bike to us in the original box. The current cost of mailing the box with Myparcel is €9. If you want us to pick up the bike from your address, we will ask you to share in cost of that at €50. You will be fully refunded for the price of the bike as soon as we receive the bike in good condition.

Have you received a damaged, defective, or incorrect item? First send us an email with your order number (you will find this on our invoice / confirmation), an explanation of the defect you have detected and if possible, a photo to our customer service. We will then try, if possible, to solve the matter for you without you having to return the product.

Is there a warranty on the Bloker bikes?


Firstly, when consumers purchase a product in the Netherlands they are entitled by law (article 7:17 Civil Code) to receive a product made to a satisfactory level. That product should reflect the way that it is presented and described and should also meet the reasonable expectations of the consumer. In addition, because Bloker Naked Bike firmly believes in the quality of its bicycles, you will receive a one year warranty.

Not included in the warranty are damages incurred through misuse or neglect such as extreme sports, jumping, competitive use nor damages incurred through faulty adjustments, incorrect maintenance and any other use of the bicycle that does not correspond with its intended use. Purely cosmetic damage which does not impact the performance is excluded, as are punctures if you do not take the Tannus Armour insert.

What is your B2B proposition?


  • The bike can be purchased by companies as a service or pool bike
  • The bike can be leased as a company bike via Bike Mobility Services
  • The bike can be purchased by hotels to offer to their guests.
  • Hotels can also rent the bikes based on sharing the proceeds.
  • Bicycle shops can offer the bikes to their customers on a consignment basis, with the final value fee to be agreed upon.

Can I come to the store for a repair?


Yes you can.

Can I take a test drive?


Certainly. That is possible at Luk de Fietsenmaker, Sarphatistraat 730 in Amsterdam. Outside Amsterdam we can sometimes put you in touch with another customer for a ride in your region or neighborhood.

How fast do you deliver the bike?


We aim for one week.

What is the tire size?


27.5 inch.

Up to how many kg can the front and rear carrier carry?


Both 25 kg.

Do you automatically shift back when you brake?


Yes, you do. It means that from higher speed when braking to a standstill you get back into first (lower) gear. In other cases, you must backpedal a quarter turn to be in the right gear.

Is there a women's model?


No, the bike has an extra low top tube suitable for men and women (unisex). Many women have already bought the bike, but the step is a men's step.

How much weight can the bike carry?


The bike is purcahsed by people up to 100kg, to satisfaction.

Can I order a bike without the Bloker Naked Bike brand name or with my own brand name?


Yes, you can. The own brand name is delivered at a small additional cost.

Are the wheels available in a different color?


Unfortunately no other colors (yet)

Is the bike rust free?


Yes, the frame and wheels are made of aluminum, screws of stainless steel or galvanized iron. Only the AXA lock is made of steel, for insurance purposes.

Are discounts possible?


Yes, when taking three or more bicycles.

What if something seems wrong?


Sorry about that! Don't return your bike to the store - instead simply email (info@blokernakedbike.com), text (06-1617 4237) or call us and we'll help. We're a small company who really cares about the satisfaction of our riders. Email and text are often our quickest response. We're here to help 7-days a week, 365-days a year and only want you to have a great experience with your new bike. Please include video or photos when possible & we'll get right back to you.

How can I best maintain the NkdBike?


Maintenance is basically limited to inflating and cleaning tires. For technical problems, call in an expert or do it yourself where possible. You can always call or email us.

Why inflate tires?
An inner tube always lets some air through. That is why you usually have to pump some air into the tires every 3 to 4 weeks. A little air can make a big difference. If your bike feels like you're constantly riding against the wind, chances are you're riding with insufficient tire pressure. Fortunately, this can be remedied in no time! Once your tires are properly inflated, your bike will feel like new – promise! This ensures much less resistance while cycling. You will also like the other advantages of this: with the right air pressure your tires wear less quickly, you have less chance of a flat tire and you are safer on the road. With the NkdBike that is 2.8 to 4.5 bar for summer and winter respectively. You can determine exactly that with a bicycle pump with pressure gauge. Without a pressure gauge you would have to do that by feel.

Brine & snow
If snow remains due to frost and brine has been heavily sprinkled, it is wise to clean your bike after every bike ride. Because it extends the life of your bicycle and because it is safer. If you do not do this, dirt, water and especially brine will affect the metal parts. And rust quickly leads to defects. Like a brake cable that will rust and break. A nightmare.

Cold water
Rinsing is best with a sponge and plenty of water. Use cold water for this during brine time. In warm water, brine dissolves and penetrates even deeper into the parts with the water. With a sponge - and even a toothbrush for the hard-to-reach places - and soapy water from washing up liquid or car shampoo, you can then clean all parts a little more thoroughly. The belt requires much less maintenance than a metal chain. Clean with a sponge, no greasing necessary. In the warmer parts of the year you can use a garden hose for rinsing, but never use a pressure washer. As a result, water gets into parts where you don't want water. Such as the bearings of your gear hub or bottom bracket. Because the NkdBike has no cables, maintenance (grease, oil) is not necessary.

How many gears does the bike have?


Two. Research shows that most people only use two gears of the 3, 5 or 7.

What is the frame size of the Bloker Naked Bike?


The Bloker Naked Bike is suitable for people from 1.55 m to 1.90m.

Which accessories are standard?


The stand and the bell.

How can I change an order?


Additional accessories you can order in the normal way. If in time we will include it. You can return accessories within the cancellation period, and we will repay the price of the item.

Belt Drive - Advantages And Disadvantages


Belt Drive - Advantages And Disadvantages


1) Cycling lighter Because the gears in a belt drive are incorporated in the hub, there is less resistance during shifting and less friction when cycling as with a derailleur. The belt drive has a lower weight than a bicycle chain. This allows you to cycle smoother and lighter.

2) Clean A belt drive does not need to be lubricated with oil and is less likely to get dirty. Your hands and pants don't get dirty. Also, a belt drive does not rust. If you do want to clean it, you can simply wipe or rinse the dirt.

3) Silent The belt drive makes almost no noise, even when it gets older. Even shifting with a belt drive is silent.

4) Wear A belt drive wears a lot less hard and hardly stretches at high tension. The belt does not have to be adjusted regularly with the chain tensioner. A belt lasts on average four times longer than a traditional bicycle chain.

5) No chain guard As mentioned, the belt drive is not afraid of a little dirt. As a result, the chain guard becomes redundant and is therefore not present on bicycles with a belt drive. This makes the bike slightly lighter and less vulnerable. This also gives the bicycle a sleeker and more stylish appearance.

6) Maintenance With a hub gear, the sprockets are neatly stored in the hub and are not exposed to water and dirt. ‘A belt instead of a chain makes a bicycle maintenance-free quite simply. Just look in a station shed, almost all chain guards you see there are broken. A belt requires no maintenance and no chain guard, lasts a long time and pedals just as lightly as a chain.'


1). A belt drive bicycle needs a specific frame. A belt consists of one whole and cannot be interrupted as with a bicycle chain. To be able to place the belt, you therefore need an opening in the frame through which the belt can pass.

2). Because the belt consists of one piece, you cannot repair it if it breaks. So you will have to buy a new belt. For example, are you going on a cycling holiday on your belt-drive bicycle? Always make sure you have a spare belt with you. A belt is not yet available as standard at every bicycle shop.

3). Another disadvantage is that a belt can only be combined with a hub gear or a gearbox. It is not possible to use a belt with a derailleur system.