The advantages of a NkdBike?

Build to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

No cables

No rust

No flat tyres

No rattling


The ultimate bike

Sterk & Onderhoudsvrij

Why an NkdBike? Why do I have 3 sunglasses? Because some days one makes me feel better than the other. It enhances my happiness and that's what matters. It's the same with my bikes. I have a bicycle for commuting and the NkdBike. When the sun is shining I cycle on the NkdBike because it reminds me of summer and my time in Venice Beach and Sante Monica (California), cycling on the boardwalk between sea and city.

Maarten van den Biggelaar, entrepreneur

Lovely, robust and super light citybike. A joy to ride.

Martijn en Linda van den Dobbelsteen, editors

In my twenty years of commuting, I have always been looking for the perfect bike. Since I have the NkdBike I no longer have to search. It is light as a feather and the acceleration is great. It does well at any speed. I used to ride an e-bike, but it was very heavy. And super complicated to fix if something went wrong. The NkdBike, on the other hand, has transported me completely free of fuzz from A to B for more than 3,000 km. I love it!

Daniel, bike repairman

Now finally! Can still be found on my bicycle every day throughout the city. The 20 km/h works well. Cycle at least 20 km per day. TOP BIKE!

Yehudi van de Pol, Operatie Periscoop

Frequently asked Questions

Wij hebben de antwoorden! Staat je vraag er niet tussen? Check onze uitgebreidere FAQ pagina hier.

What is the size of the NkdBike?


The NkdBike is suited for people between 1.55 - 1.90 m.

How much does the NkdBike weight?


12kg without accessories

How does shipping work?


We aim to have the bike ready within two weeks. You can indicate whether you want to pick up the bike at our store Luk de Fietsenmaker (Sarphatistraat 730, Amsterdam) 100% roadworthy, or have it delivered by us.

We charge a small fee for delivery (€10) . The bicycle is then 95% assembled. We ask you to place the front wheel, saddle, handlebars, pedals and front rack (if ordered) yourself. We supply a triangle hex key (4/5/6mm) for this purpose. It turns out to be easy to place the parts, but you can always call our technician. You can also decide to have a handy person help you or have this done by your trusted bicycle shop (at your own expense).

Is there a warranty on the NkdBike?


To start with, you will receive the legal guarantee (Article 7:17 of the Dutch Civil Code). This means that you are entitled to a good product. You should be able to use the product normally for a certain amount of time. In addition, Nkd Bike believes in the quality of its bikes so much that we provide a one-year warranty. Excluded from the warranty is damage due to incorrect use, such as jumping with the bicycle, use in competitions, overload and neglect or improper maintenance. Damage caused by unauthorized changes to the bicycle is also excluded, as is purely cosmetic damage that does not affect the use of the bicycle. Finally, flat tires are also excluded from the warranty if the Tannus Armor insert is not chosen.